Christmas Events to put a smile on your face

We love Christmas here at Claremont Stadium.

Santa is due to call here for breakfast on 9th December at 10.30am and we are all wondering what to serve him for his meal. We have had a few odd suggestions, such as Steak and chips but we feel breakfast is breakfast. So our menu todate is: Juice, cereal, sausages, yogurt, and milk. If you have any suggestion please let us know.

After breakfast he will spend time with each boy and girl and give them an early christmas surprise present.  With games set up in the room and a craft table everyone is bound to catch the Christmas spirit.

His journey to us is made possible by Royal Masterpeace, Navan and we would like to thank them for their generous sponsorship.

After Christmas Day, what better way to start the new year than to join in with our Annual 5K road race. This year the race will commemorate Rita Brady and Robbie Byrne,both worked tirelessly throughout their lives to make the stadium a reality.

Booking can be made on line at

SpikeBall at Claremont

For those who have no knowledge of Spikeball here is a brief introduction to this fast paced game.

It is 4v4 Volleyball with a slight difference. And that the 2nd touch of the ball is a catch and throw. This makes sure the game is more fun, more opportunity for the team members to hit the ball.

Claremont Stadium is lucky to have the expertise of Volleyball Ireland Coach Dwyne Hill to help run this fun hour. It takes place on Friday afternoons at 4.30pm.

We would like to encourage all children between the age of 7 & 12 years to come along (with a parent) to experience Spikeball.

The cost for the hour is €2.


Thank you, for your ongoing support

 Claremont Stadium Thanks Community for On-going Support


The Staff and Management of Claremont Stadium wish to thank the Community for their support over the last few difficult months and particularly in recent weeks.

Earlier this year a Receiver was appointed over the lands of Claremont Stadium Club and from 25th July the Stadium has been for sale on the open market.

Claremont Stadium continues to operate as normal and the Board of Management is working hard behind the scenes to secure the future of the facility for the many groups and clubs that use the Stadium.

“We are in negotiation with the Receiver. The management company has made an attractive offer and we are optimistic that we can work towards a positive outcome” says Chairperson, Ann Lister.

Nearly 40 years servicing the Community in sports, education, and social activities, the Stadium has established itself as a valuable asset to the people of Navan and surrounding communities.

The Stadium is the home training grounds for Navan Athletic Club and Parkvilla Football Club that have a combined membership of over 1,200, of which 800 are children. Many other clubs, such as Navan Special Olympics, Navan Badminton, Mens SHED, Special Hands and Navan Girls Guides, use these vital facilities and have done so for years. Organisations such as Meath Local Sports Partnership, Meath Athletics, Cultur and Meath Partnership use the facility also for programmes and events throughout the year.

Offices in the Stadium are rented to two Community Employment Schemes that support those long-term unemployed to get back into the workforce and a local training initiative, Navan Career Start, runs courses for early school-leavers to up-skill and retrain.

“We make these facilities affordable for clubs and organisations that have no alternatives in Town”, says Stadium Manager, Marjan Boers, “and support them in their development, where we can”.

Claremont Stadium is in receipt of funding from Pobal towards staff costs under the Community Services Programme. It currently employs seven people and sponsors five Community Employment Places. “The facility is dependent on support from Pobal and CE and could not provide the services and programmes without it”, says Board Secretary, Bob Cumbers.

In recent years the Stadium received funding from an ESB Fund to develop the Lounge area into a multi-purpose training facility and this has attracted many new groups and activities. Currently, the focus is on renovating and expanding a training room, upgrading the dressing rooms and creating wheelchair access, through funding received from the Dormant Accounts Fund administered by Pobal. Funds will be made available after the present situation is resolved.

The Board of Management is committed to securing the future of the Stadium for all and welcomes the continued support of the Community. You can help by signing and sharing the petition (Save Our Stadium), talking to your local politicians, backing the present Board of Management in their negotiations and asking Meath County Council, from whom the lands are leased, not to consent to a sale to a third party.

We thank you for your on-going support!


Claremont Campaign – Save Our Stadium

Claremont Campaign – Save Our Stadium

With over 80 sports, educational and social groups using our Stadium as their base we are aware of how many people pass through our doors.

Your support means a lot, please sign the petition Ross Kelly set up. We are heading towards 2,000 signatures,  can you get us over the line and further? Claremont Stadium Navan  

The link for the petition is: here

The Importance of Sport for Women

The Importance of Sport for Women

This is an article published on – it provides a great insight into how success and participation in sport does affect success in business.

According to research by Michigan State University’s Institute for the Study of Youth Sports, approximately 70% of children in the U.S. are dropping out of organized sports before the age of 13. This is particularly alarming for women because studies have shown that girls who play sports are more likely to graduate from college, find a job, and be employed in male-dominated industries.

EY research shows that among senior business women in the C-suite today, 94% played sports and over half played at a university level — suggesting a strong correlation between their success in sports and their success in business. In fact, of the 400 women EY surveyed, 75% said that a candidate’s background in sports positively influenced their decision to hire them. These women put a particular premium on female athletes because they know — very personally — how participating in sports can impact work ethic. So to have young women drop out of sport at an early age is not only an alarming statistic, it is a wake-up call for parents. Their girls could prematurely be walking away from something that could have a bigger long-term effect.

These statistics have caused me to reflect on my own experience as a young athlete, and specifically the role my parents played. I was a four-sport athlete in high school. I played basketball, softball, tennis, and golf. My true passion was softball, but basketball was an intercollegiate sport. I eventually decided to pursue basketball in college at Purdue and leave the other three sports behind. But my parents never tried to make me pursue just one sport. I loved the variety. I only narrowed to one sport in college when, as a scholarship athlete, it was necessary.

My father empowered me to play. He and my mother showed up to every game. They truly cared. And I loved having them there. I can’t imagine a world where they weren’t there. But there was never an expectation. They just loved watching me play. And I loved them watching me. Often, my father and I would discuss my performance after games, but only if I wanted to. I would ask him questions, and he would answer. We discussed ways I could improve, and he would practice with me in our backyard. He knew I didn’t need to be told I had made a mistake, but rather understand how not to do it again. And he would help me with that.

There’s no doubt that it was my parents’ interest and support that encouraged me to continue playing sports throughout my childhood. Their interest was pure joy, not judgment or unfair criticism. They were all in because I was all in. When I was younger, organized sports was still novel for girls. When my friends quit playing, and dropped out to be “more like girls,” I kept going. And my parents went with me. I never wanted to stop, so I didn’t. And I know that the nonjudgmental, joyous support of my parents was a huge factor — not only in my success as an athlete, but also in my professional success today.

I’m not alone in accrediting my career success back to my experience as an athlete. Claire Shipman, television journalist and co-author of The Confidence Code speaks of how “Something happens when girls play sports — they embody the experience of not just of winning, but the critical experience of losing. It’s that process of carrying on and clearing hurdles that really builds confidence. It’s an incredibly useful proving ground for business and leadership.”

That “something” happened to me when I played the sports I chose. And it was the constant support I received from my parents that made possible the success I’ve experienced. Our EY research is further proof that there is a strong connection between sports and women’s leadership at the highest levels. So I encourage all parents to think hard about encouraging your daughters to stick with sports — your decision could affect the rest of their lives.

These are powerful words about a subject which remains at the heart of sport.  Lidl, Liberty Insurance, Continental Tyres, Aon and many moire companies are getting further involved in promoting women’s sport.  That is a good thing for today.  It has the potential to be a great thing for tomorrow.

This article first appeared last week in Fortune Magazine and is written byBeth Brooke-Marciniak, Global Vice Chair of Public Policy at Ernst & Young.

Sport at Claremont Stadium

Sport at Claremont Stadium

Sport is what Claremont Stadium is famous for. The stadium is home to a number of established local sports clubs including Navan Athletics Club, Parkvilla FC and Navan Badminton Club. With an athletics track that historically hosts an array of different championships for schools and adult athletic clubs, Claremont Stadium is synonymous with athletics in County Meath.

In addition to the eight lane track and field facility, Claremont Stadium has the largest indoor sports hall in County Meath which regularly hosts badminton, basketball, futsal and handball events. The size of the hall enables local clubs to utilise the facilities for large numbers, for example Navan Badminton Club can use the four marked out courts on club nights enabling 16 players to play at any one time.

Navan AC

Navan AC has over 200 members in the club including coaches and mentors, juveniles, senior and masters members. The training times are listed below.

Training Times

  • Tuesday    6.30 PM – 8.00 PM    All Athletes (Ages 5+)
  • Thursday    6.30 PM – 8.00 PM    12 – 18 age group, Senior, Masters
  • Saturday/Sunday    10.30 AM –12.00 PM   12 – 18 age group, Senior, Masters

Parkvilla FC

Parkvilla celebrates 50 years serving the community in 2016, the club has established itself as Navan’s largest and most successful soccer club with over 400 members.

Navan Badminton Club

Navan Badminton Club hosts its club nights every Monday and Wednesday during the season which runs from September to April. The club caters for Adults and Juveniles of all standards from beginner to advanced.

Paul Tully Fitness

Paul is an NQEHS qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor operating from Claremont Stadium. Originally from Dublin, Paul has now been living in Navan, Co. Meath for the last 8 years. He got interested in health and fitness after running the Dublin City Marathon in 2007. From there his interest soared in the industry so much that he went on to college and  studied to become a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Paul qualified in 2009 and is continually updating his qualifications to bring fitness to the  people of Navan and beyond. Check out for more information

Robbie Byrne 5km Memorial Road Race

Robbie Byrne 5km Memorial Road Race

There was a large turnout on the sun filled morning of the 27th December to compete in the Robbie Byrne 5km Memorial Road Race at Claremont Stadium, Navan.

Aoife O’Leary, of Sportsworld, took the ladies title and Raheny Shamrocks runner Killian O’Leary was first home in the men’s event.

The 5km road race honoured the memory of the late Robbie Byrne, a stalwart of Navan AC and the Claremont Stadium Committee. The event was sponsored by Robert Byrne Hairdressing, while other members of Robbie’s family participated in the race.

After the race participants and supporters met in the stadium’s hall to enjoy refreshments before the presentations of prizes. Robbie’s son, Robbie Jnr., was on hand to present the prizes to the category winners.

About the late Robbie Byrne

The late Robbie Byrne, a Navan native, was a member of Navan Athletic Club up to his passing in 2013.
He had a lifelong involvement in athletics, initially as an athlete with St Mary’s AC, Navan in the 1940s and ’50s.
In October 1973 he, along with other members, set up Navan Athletic Club and subsequently played a crucial role in the development of athletics in Navan, Meath and at national level.
As well as his involvement in his own club, the late Mr Byrne found time to serve as National Registrar of the Juvenile Board of NACAI and also held many posts on Meath Athletics Board.
He was involved in Claremont Stadium from its inception and continued as an active member of the stadium until a short time before his death.


Overall & Category Results – Men

1, Killian O’ Leary (Raheny Shamrocks)

2, Simon Ryan (Fr. Murphy AC)

3, Peter Mooney (Inverse)


1, Fergus Crilly (Rathkenny)

2, Fionn O’Hanlon (Navan AC)

3, Alexander Caffrey (Navan AC)


1, Sean Murphy (Trim AC)

2, Andrew Linsley (Trim AC)

3, Liam Farrell (Drogheda & District AC)


1, Declan Butler (Dunshaughlin)

2, Eamon O’Neill (Star of the Sea)

3, Leonard Butterly (Anagassan)


1,  David O’Connell (Bohermeen)

2, Aidan Swan  (Dunshaughlin)

3, Patrick Payne  (Na Fianna)


1, Tom O’Connor

2, Chris Keeling

3, Paddy Mangan (Dunshaughlin)


1, Conor Cooney (Drogheda & District AC)

2, Pat Collins

3, Richard Ball (Bohermeen)


Overall & Category Results – Women


1, Aoife O’Leary (Sportsworld)

2, Sally Clarke (Boyne AC)

3, Bridget Daly (Bohermeen)


1, Sarah Bateson (Dunshaughlin)

2, Lucy Burke (Navan AC)


1, Andrea McGuinness (Bohermeen)

2, Rosemary Hutcheson (Star of the Sea)

3, Carmel Keenan (Drogheda & District)


1, Mary Hanley (Na Fianna)

2, Lucy Darcy (Sportsworld)

3, Maggie Higgins (Na Fianna)


1, Mary Watters (Navan AC)

2, Marion Morris (Bohermeen)

3, Jaqueline Gill (Drogheda & District)


1, Nuala Reilly (Drogheda & District)

2, Sheelagh Jones (DSD AC)

3, Linda Gunning (Bohermeen AC)

Over 60

1, Marie Reilly (Navan)

2, Rose Healy (Fr. Murphys)

3, Maria Clinton (Dunshaughlin)